Family Law

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Family Law

Divorce and other family legal issues are some of the most stressful, emotionally taxing experiences in a person’s life. In Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, one lawyer is helping clients navigate the complex issues of family law. The experienced family law team at Phang & Feldman, P.A. has represented clients throughout every stage of complex divorce cases, including issues involving alimony, child timesharing, high net worth equitable distribution, and child support. To learn more, call or contact the office to schedule a consultation.

High Quality Representation for Your Family Law Needs

Phang & Feldman has experience representing clients with a wide range of family law issues throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The outcome of family law issues have the potential to permanently affect you and your loved ones, so it is critical that you secure the best legal representation for your case. These legal matters include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Child timesharing
  • Domestic violence & injunctions
  • Enforcement and contempt orders
  • Modification actions
  • Representation of business entities

You need an attorney who understands the intricacies of Florida family law and will communicate with you through every step of the case. Talk to our office today to learn about the wide range of legal services our office provides for family law clients throughout Florida for help with their legal needs and to get advice from an attorney who knows what are the right strategies to pursue for your case.

Skilled at Post-Final Judgment Actions

The office of Phang & Feldman, P.A. is also skilled at handling post-final judgment actions on behalf of clients throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Modifications of child custody, alimony, or child support can be ordered by the court due to a significant change in circumstances after a decision has been rendered in the case. Typically, the court is reluctant to order modifications in family law cases, which is why you need an attorney who will make the best possible arguments for your case.

Our team is also experienced at handling enforcement actions post-final judgment for clients who are entitled to financial compensation from their former spouse for the equitable distribution of property, spousal support, or child support. If your former spouse refuses to comply with the divorce decree or other family law judgment, you have many legal options to enforce your rights. This includes penalties from the court like fines, fees, and being jailed in contempt of court until payment is rendered, as well as ordering income deduction on his or her paycheck, suspending professional licenses, placing liens, taking state and federal tax returns, and more.


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